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Over a decade of experience writing compelling copy, storytelling and helping others polish their own work.


My work is appreciated for a high level of detail, helping add depth to the stories I write and professionalism to the ones I edit on others' behalf.


Creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum. I love drawing inspiration from industry publications, my client's experiences and my own time spent outdoors.

Editorial Features

Stories I've Told

These are a few of the articles, stories and features I’ve written across my career. I particularly enjoy human interest pieces. 

Ice Climb

Leading the Way: The Precarious Art of Defying Gravity

The UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup was an event to behold. Featuring elite competitors from countries like Russia, Italy, Ireland, and Korea on Dec. 16 and 17, the competition tower built at Ska Brewing Headquarters was the site of great rises and huge falls (watch this video to see what I mean).

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Marcus Garcia

World Cup Ice Climbing and Olympic Aspirations

Durango is positioned to become ground zero for the U.S. Olympic Ice Climbing movement. On December 14, the Ice Climbing World Cup–the only internationally sanctioned ice climbing event in the United States–and North American Youth Championship kicks off at The Rock Lounge and Ska Brewing Headquarters, setting us on a path towards an Olympic future.

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Copy Editing

Stories I've Smithed

These stories were written by athletes, ambassadors and adventurers, telling their own stories with a little help and polish from me.

Mount Hood
Osprey Packs

VOLCANOS AND THE MUFFIN BUS | By Madison Rose Ostergren

Over the last year, while smiles were hidden, hugs were restricted, and gatherings were limited, a common phrase that came up in conversations with friends was “I can’t wait for things to go back to normal.” As we slowly have transitioned back to our habitual activities and day-to-day pursuits, it has become more and more clear to me that normal has an ever-changing definition. Normal isn’t actually normal and the old normal has honestly become …

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Over a decade in storytelling and a lifetime of adventure.