Learn Storytelling for the Outdoors

Writing for the outdoors? Read on for essential tips and techniques that will help your stories stand out.

Using Detail to Enhance Your Outdoor Writing

Our minds are powerful visualization tools, and through our stories we have the ability to transport ourselves back into our experiences—and take others along for the journey. To do so, we need a firm grasp on detail and how to harness it in our writing. Committing your vivid, visceral, tangible, lived stories to the written

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How to Start Your Outdoor Adventure Stories

All too often, it can be hard to know where to begin when writing about your outdoor adventures, experiences or reflections. You may have a clear vision for the flow, details and ending, and yet the first few sentences elude you. There is no one way to begin a story, but if you want to

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Harnessing Conflict in Your Outdoor Stories

Consider the following sentence, and fill in the blank: A story is only as good as it’s __________. Protagonist? Especially as outdoorspeople, when we’re often at the center of the story, this would put enormous pressure on us to live up to some high standard. I reject the notion that we must become perfect protagonists

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Writing for the Outdoors

It’s been a miserable day outside. Miserably windy. I can hear it howling through the fenceposts and blustering at the small vent behind the gas “Coleman” furnace that heats my little home. I’ve not been outside today. On account of the weather. How is this the first thing I write for Meander? I want to

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