PUtting Polish on Stories with Grit

In a storied outdoor industry, I help . stand out with stellar writing.

About Me

Now more than ever, the world is hungry for diverse, compelling and inspiring stories from the outdoors. I believe everyone has a story worth sharing, and yours deserves to stand out. With more than a decade’s experience in storytelling, I’ll be your personal guide as we dive into your adventure and capture your own stories. I look forward to wrangling words with you.



Hire me to help craft your proposal. We’ll develop your plan, focus your approach and  work to gain brand support for your adventure.

Story planning not only helps give you direction as you set out on your jourey, but it demonstrates how your narrative aligns with a brand’s goals and values so they’re more likely to commit to supporting its development. 



Hire me to write for you. While you’re busy pushing your narrative forward IRL, I’ll get to work capturing your story.

Tap my expertise as a storyteller, so you can continue doing things worth writing about. I specialize in narrative journalism, striving to accurately capture people’s stories in compelling ways, increasing their visibility and credibility in the industry.



Hire me to guide your writing process, preserving your authentic voice while adding polish and building your credibility.

Whether you’re seeking light touch copyediting or more hands on guidance, I can help you craft stories that’ll have people coming back for more. Along the way, you’ll learn the tricks and techniques I use to help make you a better writer.

What makes a good story great?

We’ve been at this storytelling thing since the dawn of history. So, what have we learned along the way?


Authenticity is the root of relatability. Earn the respect and attention of your audience through it.


Flow takes organization and discipline, but creates cohesion in your narrative and sets you apart.


A story is only as good as its conflict. Harness it to carry your narrative forward and captivate your reader.


Help your reader feel, see, smell and hear through your writing. Transport them into your narrative.


Define the purpose of your story and make it resonate. What you do is as important as why you do it.


Just like any art, great writing requires polish. Attention to detail helps smooth out the rough edges and refine your story.

Let's tell your story.

Some A's for your Q's:


Truly, it can mean a lot of things. From in-depth personal essays and memoirs to trip reports, articles and blog posts, I love storytelling and want to help you with yours. If your story is touched by the outdoors in some way, be it simple backyard trails or far-flung summits at the top of the world, you have a story worth telling.

No matter where you’re at in the writing process, I’m here to help save you time, coach your writing and offer a fresh outside perspective on your experiences. 

Writing can be a time-consuming process for most, especially when you just want to focus on planning your next adventure. Getting help can speed up the process meaningfully with focused guidance, feedback and revisions—so you can get back to your adventures off the page.

As a professional writer, my job is to help you capture stories that are well-written and error-free. With so many people exploring the outdoors and sharing their stories, a little polish goes a long way in establishing credibility and professionalism.

I’ve helped people from across the spectrum craft their stories, giving me a unique perspective on outdoor experiences. When you’re as close as you are to a story, an outside review is essential to identifying blind spots and discovering opportunities in your writing.

Everything starts with a free consultation so we can get to know each other and determine what your needs are for your project. We’ll leave that chat with a custom plan and timeline so you know what to expect each step of the way. Typically, we’ll schedule a couple touchpoints where we can go in-depth, depending on the scope of project and timeline, with email correspondence in-between as we make progress.